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Principal's Greeting

Welcome to Central Florida Leadership Academy, the school where truth, excellence and joy are the soil, rain and sunshine we use to grow ourselves.

I became the Principal of CLFA in the summer of 2022. I came to this school for the same reasons our families and teachers chose to: for its focus on character development, family partnerships, and providing an excellent, holistic education to every child.

At CLFA, we focus on asking ourselves and our students the Three Key Questions. Here are my answers for our school.

Who Are We?

We are a personable, public charter school that serves all students, but with a distinct identity and purpose. Our Academy prioritizes graduating community leaders, not just getting students across a stage. If anyone enrolls at our school, they are choosing to buy into at least three beliefs:

  1. Students must be known before they can be grown

  2. Schools should strive to make students smarter and wiser

  3. Students flourish in an environment where they have high expectations and high support.

Where Are We Going?

Central Florida Leadership Academy is committed to always growing in the following areas:

  • The quality and competency of the leaders we graduate

  • The service and leadership our school body provides to our community

  • The academic growth and results achieved by our students

What Do We Need to Get There?

After the pandemic shook the world of education, our school chose to emphasize on the essentials that can make in-person education so powerful: creating and maintaining a culture of focus and prioritizing family partnerships. We have recommitted to these core values of our school because we believe they are the vehicles by which we will accomplish our goals.

If your family is considering enrolling at Central Florida Leadership Academy, contact us to schedule a tour and an interview. We would love to meet you.


 Joshua Corlew

Principal, Central Florida Leadership Academy

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