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Our Approach


Central Florida Leadership Academy believes leaders are defined by excellence in character and competence. 

We build our school around three core beliefs:

Known & Grown

We believe students must be KNOWN before they can GROWN. We prioritize creating and sustaining supportive relationships with students and their families. Students need teachers, but future leaders need more than that: they need mentors. CFLA aspires to surround your child with adults who are excellent at their craft and exceptional in their conduct. 

High Challenge AND High Support

We believe students learn best when they are pushed to grow into high expectations, but are given the motivation, support system, and relationships they need to do so effectively. We want our students to win and help lead others to win as well.

Family First

We work alongside families because we believe the family is the most important context within which children learn and demonstrate character. If the school and family are not aligned, family will outweigh the efforts of a school. We believe students are served best when the school supports and invests in families so they can continue investing in their own children.


A Day at CFLA

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