Jon Adamson

Email: Jonathan.Adamson@cflacademy.org

Subject(s): P.E., HOPE; Middle School; MS and HS Athletic Director

College: Elmira College (B.S.)

Teaching Experience: Teaching at CFLA Orlando since 2015



Stephen Cauley

Email: Stephen.Cauley@cflacademy.org

Subject(s): English Language Arts, Music and Chorus

College: Rollins College, B.A. Music

Teaching Experience: Teaching since 2004

Certification related information.



Shelley Earnest

Email: Shelly.Earnest@cflacademy.org

Subject(s): English Language Arts

College: Southern Arkansas University, B.S.

Teaching Experience: Teaching since 1999

Certification related information.


Laurie Matz

Email: Laurie.Matz@cflacademy.org

Subject(s): Science

College: Syracuse University, B.S.

Teaching Experience: Teaching since 2003

Dr. Pagan (3).jpeg

Jimmy Pagan

Email: Jimmy.Pagan@cflacademy.org

Subject(s): Social Studies

College: Rutgers University, B.A., M.A., PhD.

Teaching Experience: Began teaching in 1997



Jennifer Spear

Email: Jennifer.Spear@cflacademy.org

Subject(s): Math

College: University of Central Florida, B.A., M.A.

Teaching Experience: Teaching since 2011



William Turner

Email: Will.Turner@cflacademy.org

Subject(s): HS Social Studies

College: University of South Florida, B.S.

Teaching Experience: Teaching since 2007