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Family Weekend at CFLA

At Central Florida Leadership Academy, we are defined by three priorities:

  • Developing college-prepared, academically excellent and socially responsible leaders

  • Cultivating courage and character in each of our students

  • Working with families at every step of the way to prepare their children to lead our communities

We believe that as great as schools can be - and should be - they are still not as powerful a force in a children's life as their household. That means there are three options for families and schools: they are either in opposition to one another, they are either distinct from one another and do not interact (except for logisitcs), or they work side-by-side to achieve the same mission. CFLA chooses this third option.

This is why we are so excited for our upcoming Family Weekend, on December 10th, from 10am-12pm. Thanks to hurricanes, this is our first Family Weekend of the Fall since our Welcome Back Bash at the start of the school year.

During this time, families will:

  • Hear important updates from the Principal and the leadership team at CFLA

  • Participate in a Discovery Group Seminar facilitated by one of their child's teachers

  • Enjoy a lunch together, provided for free by CFLA.

If you are a part of the CFLA family, please RSVP to this event so we can purchase the right amount of food. All CFLA families are expected to attend the Family Weekend because of how important we believe this is to our central mission.

We look forward to having you.

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