A Letter from a Parent:



I just want to start by saying one word – amazing!!!!! What a fabulous family day you all put on Saturday. I have been so impressed since XXXXX started CFLA this year. What a mission and vision you all have for these students. As an Orange County public school teacher for the past 13 years I have never seen what I have seen this year at CFLA. As a teacher this has always been one of my passions to reach kids and help them know they matter in life. The compassion, love, and hard work the teachers put in day in and day out is very evident. I am so blessed to have found a place for XXXXX where she will be not only educated, but loved, given a chance to be a leader, building her character, and truly taught responsibility. The school truly is a family and you can feel it as soon as you walk through the doors.


The meeting on Saturday was awesome. I was so impressed with how the students responded to everything we did. You can tell they have really learned some very important skills- honesty, respect, and encouraging others. The small group setting is so important and it really gives people a chance to get to know each other and become open. Thank you for taking your Saturday away from your families to be here for all of the students and parents.


The vision for this school is something I have been looking for not only for my daughter, but a place where I would love to work and be a part of. I know these students will look back one day and thank the CFLA staff for the care, love and dedication that went into making their middle and high school experience so wonderful. There is no other school that does what you all do and I am so excited that my child gets to be part of this. The last thing that I would like to say is THANK YOU to Ms. Gammon, Mr. Fuhler, Mr. Buford, Mr. Richardson, Ms. Gran, Ms. D’Angelo, and Mr. Lambert for pouring in to my child daily. Your teaching staff is top notch! These teachers know my child more in 6 months than any other teacher she has ever had. I cannot say enough about what these teachers are doing to help my child become successful, responsible, and a respectful individual in society.


Thank you for your vision – you all “get it” when it comes to kids.

Parent Quotes and Comments:

“My child has always loved school but she really loves CFLA. She does not want to miss a day and just adores all of her teachers. The classes are challenging, the teachers and staff are caring and she has made many wonderful friends. We look forward to more years at CFLA.”

“CFLA is definitely on the right track to produce well rounded, productive young people for social progress.”

“If you call the Principal, she is excellent at listening and providing solutions that work!”

“Love the small school environment, feel like high accountability is present should any issues arise.”

“My son has always been a great kid, but since being at CFLA, He now knows he is a GREAT kid! He believes in himself and has become more of a leader in all aspects of his life. We love how he carries himself with confidence since being at CFLA. Mrs. Ward and the faculty have always addressed my concerns in a prompt and fair manner.”

“I was so happy to receive the e-mail concerning National Parks Day at Turkey Lake! My hubby and I took the kids and we all had a WONDERFUL time! The girls got free fishing rods and a tackle box plus some valuable lessons on how to use them responsibly. So many thanks for keeping us informed as to what’s going on in and about our City Beautiful!”

“The school continues to strive to improve in any way possible to be the best it can be.”

“My child loves the teachers and staff at CFLA more than any other school he has attended.”

“Different school with great ideas.”

“The teachers are amazing always there for their students.”

“I absolutely love CFLA! I love how personable the faculty and staff is. I love the fact that CFLA is a small school with a limited amount of kids in each grade. I love the curriculum & principles the school is built on. My daughter is extremely happy and is thriving at CFLA. Hopefully CFLA will become a Performing Arts School with Dance, Drama, and Chorus in its curriculum, because ultimately that's the kind of school she wants to attend.”

“All the staff have always been extremely kind and helpful. They actually care about my kid’s education and being a kid. The best school they have ever attended!!!”

“The teachers and staff are awesome! A SPECIAL thank you for bringing Ms. Gammon onboard. I like her attitude towards hands-on teaching in Science. I think she is a great addition to the CFLA family!”

“I believe that CFLA holds parents to a higher standard than other schools when it comes to being interactive in my child's education. Thus far, I am ecstatic with CFLA and have every intention on having my child continue attending the school until he graduates. More schools should be like CFLA!”

“I am amazed and pleased at all the work CFLA has accomplished in such a short amount of time. The entire team from board members to educators and staff are truly living the Hyde life.”

“With the one on one attention given to each child, I feel this is a great asset of CFLA and has truly allowed the students to thrive.”

“My daughter has shown such improvement in her over all self-confidence, and self - esteem since attending CFLA. The core values of CFLA shine through. It seems as though the administration and staff have the same expectations of my child that I do. The consistency from school to home has made a remarkable difference! It’s all about the core values and the staff - it is all a package deal at CFLA!”

CFLA Receives High Marks From OCPS!
In a recent audit of charter schools, OCPS reported the following:

“Central Florida Leadership Academy is a fine example of a well-run, efficient and student centered charter school.”


“The site visit was very well organized and material was easily located. Mrs. Ward and her staff are to be commended for their work related to maintaining personnel and student records.”


“A strong focus on character development was noticed and is to

be commended.”