The mission of the Central Florida Leadership Academy (CFLA) is to provide college preparatory academics in combination with after-school activities and family based character education in an environment that changes attitudes and develops leaders, enabling each student to achieve his or her best. The CFLA is modeled after the highly successful Hyde Schools, which have been the national leaders in family based character education for more than 50 years.


The CFLA offers college prep academics, with students taking primary responsibility for their learning. More than 95 percent of CFLA graduates are expected to ultimately gain acceptance at four-year colleges (some following completion of a two-year college program), consistent with the schools on which CFLA is modeled. AP classes are offered starting in 10th grade. Advanced 8th grade students are encouraged to take high school credit classes. 11th and 12th graders are encouraged to take dual enrollment classes.


The CFLA approach to education is based on the Hyde School model, which has been implemented since 1966 at the Hyde boarding campuses in Bath, ME, and Woodstock, CT, and through public school initiatives in New Haven, CT, and Washington, DC. CFLA students are expected to master the Next Generation Sunshine State Educational Standards, with character development at the heart of the educational experience.


Our Mission

  • We believe that each student is gifted with a unique potential that defines his or her destiny.

  • We believe that children of all races and income levels can succeed.

  • We believe that attitude and effort determine the difference between achievers and non-achievers with the same potential.

  • We believe that parents must acquire the attitudes, skills, and knowledge to succeed in their roles and that family involvement is a major factor in student success.

  • We believe that the home is the primary classroom and parents are the primary teachers, so we ask parents to partner with the school in both the character and academic aspects of the curriculum.

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